Monday, July 9, 2012

Fashion Colorway 2012

crimson rapture
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For the past three years, the talented and much admired bead artist Zoya Gutina has been posting a fashion color competition, encouraging beaders from around the world to challenge themselves, using one of three optional color combination.

From her blog, mylovelybeads:

"The International Fashion Colorworks Beading Contest is held by My Lovely Beads. Entries should be made using one of the color combinations made up of three colors announced by the Pantone Color Institute, the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems, as top 10 colors for spring's fashion"

This is the first year I entered a piece and I was delighted to discover that my necklace "Crimson Rapture" won the price for "Best Choice of Color". Congratulations to all the winners!! Let's continue to inspire each other! :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

So it's like this...

Waterlilies necklace
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The never ending saga of copyright infringement is getting to be quite tedious to me, it feels like very day another copy of my work pops up and while I suppose some would consider that flattering, I feel it's somewhat disrespectful of the hard work I put into every design to make it uniquely mine. Goodness knows that I enjoy sharing my work with my students, I always make it a point to teach them exactly what they want, every detail and tip I can think of,- there's nothing intimidating about that, quite the contrary, it's is my firm belief, and always has been, that each and every one of us have our own artistic fingerprint that we leave on our work, that has nothing to do with technique or design as such, I know that I can spot my favorite bead artists work a mile away just from the little details that make it theirs...Having said all that, lately a rather disturbing trend has come to my attention. Now it seems that copying my work is TOO much efford and therefore, why not simply copy my pictures of my work and claim it as their own?! I can't even begin to imagine what make people do something like that, especially in our tight knit beading community where everyone knows everyone and their work..but alas, it is a fact that these things happen and as a consequense of that, I have had to resort to numerous IRRITATING hours figuring out how to watermark my pictures. Duh. One should think this would be an easy task, but noooo....otherwise computer savy, I hit a wall when it comes to anything graphic. Also the reason I don't yet sell tutorials...but here's my first attempt! Looks pretty good, no?! :D:D Rant over. ♥

Bead Dreams 2012

Bead Dreams 2012
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Bead Dreams came and went and while I didn't win any price, I feel super excited to have been part of the exhibition among the best of bead artists from around the world. I was lucky enough to have a few people attending the shows, students and teachers alike, and they were kind enough to capture my necklace on display there, probably as close as I'm going to get to the Bead and Button show for now but it's much better than nothing! :) Thanks to Met Innmon for taking this picture!! ♥