Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Secret Garden necklace

My Secret Garden necklace
Originally uploaded by Cielo Design

I've been going through tough spot lately in terms of creativity and inspiration...I get extremely anxious and worried when that happens for too long, I always worry that I'll never get my vision back or that I'll never be able to make something truly original again. I'm quite sure this is a worry I share with most of my fellow beaders and artists in general. So it's always an uplifting experience when that spark comes back, especially after a long absence, and that's exactly what happened with this necklace.

I haven't been entering the monthly EBW challenges for a while...I love how they inspire and push you to your creative limits...but the I just haven't had the time or the ideas...this month, however, the theme was "My Secret Garden"...well, if anything should inspire someone like me, it ought to be something like that!!!!

So I sat down the day before the dead-line and made this necklace, worked for a solid 9 hours straight, no breaks and I was actually delighted with the result!! Mind you, I didn't make all the componants in one night,- it comprises lots of different flowers that I've created over time and not known how to incorporate in previous projects, but still, stitching everything together to a harmonious entity is no small task either! :)
I have to say that the creative process did put a smile back on my face..feels good to be back! Hope this means a lot of new creations soon!!! :)

Voting for your favorite entry happens between 9th-15th of July on our Etsy Beadweavers blog:
This month is loaded with gorgeous designs,- you won't be sorry you came by! ;)


Perlentick@koeln.de said...

I love your beadwork so much, it is absolutly great!!!

sibel said...

Ilove this neclace...

kralenqueen said...

Very Beautyfull !!

Releases by Rufydoof said...

This is absolutely stunning. I don't think you have created a piece yet which has failed to amaze me.

Be sure to check out my blog as I am currently running a giveaway where you can win free glass fused cabochons made by myself!


Sereine said...

Je suis une de vos admiratrices les plus ferventes! Votre travail est fabuleux!!! Je viens régulièrement admirer vos créations, pour le plaisir des yeux... Mille (au moins!) bravos!!!