Saturday, February 13, 2010

Crystal Cascade Necklace

Crystal Cascade Necklace
Originally uploaded by Cielo Design

A lot has happened lately and I feel that I have badly neglected blogging in order to take care of more urgent matters...mostly health issues really, I seem to have run into some bad luck, one thing following the other,- first two rounds of the flu, then a very badly sprained foot, then the flu one more time...*sigh*....small set backs and in the grand scheme of things, watching the news around the world, I suppose I should not complain. It could be worse.

Thankfully it has not slowed down my creativity,- though I have felt a bit low on ideas, I have still managed to make a few odd new pieces that I would like to share with you all! :)

Firstly,- I ordered an obscene amount of frosted and bronze bugle beads through the bead store where I currently teach, because I thought I had lots of bright ideas of what to do with them..turned out it was a bit trickier than I thought,- there's a limit to how versatile those beads can be, but still, I did make one piece that I was quite happy with,- Crystal Cascade I called it:


Ilka said...

Wonderful and very special!

Gretchen Grammer said...

I love all of your work. It's very inspiring!! My personal favorites are your "Alexandra's Necklace" and "Tsarina's Visage Necklace".

ANGEL'S BEAD said...

Very nice your works!I like everything!