Monday, December 7, 2009

Aimee's Necklace

Aimee's Necklace
Originally uploaded by Cielo Design

Every once in a while I depart from my regular floral theme and fascination from the textures of nature to explore a more structured and symmetrical form of beading and one of my favorite designs is surely this right angle weave necklace which is three dimensional AND triple layered with three sizes of beads and though it's extremely time (and bead!) consuming, I love the end result.

I had actually made a very pretty Swarovski Rivoli center for this piece which in my outrageous mess of trays of beads and unfinished projects had somehow gotten lost. In my frustration I decided to make this alternative pendant which is a bead embroidery piece with a Chrysanthemum cabochon center and various Swarovski crystals and seed beads. Once it was done it looked much better than my initial idea. Eventually I did find the Rivoli though (it did take some extensive cleaning up first, and that one will surely find its way into a completely different design. Now, back to my flowers, - a deep desire for all things red and burgundy seems to have descended upon me and I will need to make many more roses and flowers before that desire is saturated...stay tuned, it will be blooming a LOT before I'm done!! :D


Nita said...

Another really gorgeous piece, love your choice of colours yet again

LUCY said...

Esto es un sueño, que belleza, es precioso....saludos

Hobbi-Tünde said...

This is one of my favourits!! I love your msterpieces!