Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mystical Orchid Necklace

Mystical Orchid Necklace
Originally uploaded by Cielo Design

Here it is finally, my entry for this month's EBW challenge! :) I initially was trying to make a life life Orchid but it rapidly turned into yet another fantasy piece with numereous of unplanned additions and fiddling...still, I'm finding it challenging in a good way to work with free-form herringbone (the leaves of the flower) and trying to sculpture them in a way that would make sense in a more cohesive artistic way. In any event, I'm glad to have finished it on time and looking forward to going ahead with new planned endeavors already in the brew..;)


judith27k said...


מוכשרת :-)


Ilka said...

Amazing! Wonderful!Congratulations!

bellajoya said...

YOu're amazing! This is gorgeous! Congratulations!

AuntieAnnie said...


Triz Designs said...

just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

kksusy said...

very Beautiful! Congratulation!